In October 2010,I left my hometown and family in Virginia and moved to Iowa so I could be coached by Liang Chow.I’d been dreaming of an Olympic gold medal since I was eight-but gradually,that dream seemed like a million miles away.

On January 2,2012,while Mom was visiting me in Iowa,I told her,“I don’t like gymnastics anymore.I want to try dancing,or become a singer.I can get a job in Virginia.I just want to come home.”

Mom’s eyes narrowed and her expression turned to stone.“You’re breaking my heart, Brie,”she said.“You've been doing gymnastics for ten years,and now you want to quit?Have you lost your mind?”

I hadn't lost my mind,but I had lost my fire.It's an entirely different thing to push toward that dream when you feel alone.

“I'm not trying to break your heart,Mom,”I said.“I just don’t want to do it anymore.”

“I know you miss home.But you've signed a contract that says you will represent your country to the best of your ability.You've got a responsibility to your teammates.And now you just want to walk away?I will not let you be dishonorable.If you don’t like gymnastics,then at the very least,you will finish the season.”

The next afternoon as I dragged myself into Chow’s gym,I thought of the efforts Mom had made in order to pay for my training.I thought of my two sisters;Arielle,who gave up ballroom dancing,and Joyelle,who stopped ice skating so that our single mom could afford to keep me in gymnastics.

For now,here’s what you need to know:Exactly 210 days before I ever attempted my first vault(跳跃)in the London Summer Olympics,my leap of faith came this close to ending in a crash of disaster.

1、The author wanted to give up gymnastics because______.
  • A.she thought she loved music more
  • B.she was overcome with homesickness
  • C.an Olympic gold was beyond her reach
  • D.the training for the Olympics was too hard
2、How did the author's mother feel on hearing her words?
  • A.Heart-broken.    
  • B.Sympathetic.
  • C.Helpless.
  • D.Calm.
3、We can infer from that passage that the author______.
  • A.was born into an athletic family
  • B.realized her Olympic dream
  • C.changed her mind in the end
  • D.had a bad childhood
4、What would be the best title for the passage?
  • A.A dream come true
  • B.My leap of faith
  • C.My mother 
  • D.A quitter
5、Who will be interested in the passage?
  • A.A medical student who will graduate from university.
  • B.A healthcare professional who will give a lecture on cancer.
  • C.A marketing professional who is looking for customers.
  • D.A gymnastic player who wants to give up competition.






1、细节理解题。根据第二段的“I just want to come home.”,第四段的“It’s an entirely different thing to push toward that dream when you feel alone.”和第六段的“I know you miss home.”可知,作者独在异乡,因太想家而产生了放弃的念头。

2、推理判断题。根据第三段的“You’re breaking my heart”可以看出,作者半途而废让母亲很伤心。

3、推理判断题。母亲的话让作者想起家人为她所做出的牺牲。文章最后一段的“Exactly 210 days before I ever attempted my first vault(跳跃)in the London Summer Olympics”说明作者改变了最初的想法,选择了坚持。

4、主旨大意题。作者最初想放弃体操,但最后选择了坚持。B项标题概括了文章的主旨并与文章最后一段的“my leap of faith came this close to ending in a crash of disaster”呼应。



5、The next afternoon as I dragged myself into Chow’s gym,I thought of the efforts Mom had made in order to pay for my training.第二天下午,当我拖着疲惫的身体进入周氏体育馆的时候,我想起了妈妈为支付我的训练而付出的努力。

该句是复合句。句中as引导时间状语从句:主句中“Mom had made”为定语从句,修饰the efforts;in order to...是动词不定式短语,作目的状语。



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I was never very neat,while my roommate Kate was extremely organized. Each of her objects had its place,but mine always hid somewhere. She even labeled(贴标签)everything. I always looked for everything. Over time, Kate got neater and I got messier. She would push my dirty clothing over, and I would lay my books on her tidy desk. We both got tired of each other.

War broke out one evening. Kate came into the room. Soon ,I heard her screaming,“Take your shoes away! Why under my bed!”Deafened,I saw my shoes flying at me. I jumped to my feet and started yelling. She yelled back louder.

The room was filled with anger.  We could not have stayed together for a single minute but for a phone call. Kate answered it. From her end of the conversation,I could tell right away her grandma was seriously ill. When she hung up, she quickly crawled(爬)under her covers, sobbing. Obviously,that was something she should not go through alone. All of a sudden, a warm feeling of sympathy rose up in my heart.

Slowly, I collected the pencils, took back the books, made my bed,cleaned the socks and swept the floor,even on her side. I got so into my work that I even didn’t notice Kate had sat up. She was watching,her tears dried and her expression one of disbelief. Then,she reached out her hands to grasp mine. I looked up into her eyes. She smiled at me,“Thanks. ”

Kate and I stayed roommates for the rest of the year. We didn’t always agree,but we learned the key to living together:giving in,cleaning up and holding on.

36、What made Kate so angry one evening?
  • A. She couldn’t find her books.
  • B.She heard the author shouting loud.
  • C.She got the news that her grandma was ill.
  • D.She saw the author’s shoes beneath her bed.
37、 The author tidied up the room most probably because________.
  • A.she was scared by Kate’s anger
  • B.she hated herself for being so messy
  • C. she wanted to show her care
  • D. she was asked by Kate to do so
38、 How is Paragraph 1 mainly developed?
  • A.By analyzing causes.
  • B.By showing differences.
  • C.By describing a process
  • D.By following time order.
39、 What might be the best title for the story?
  • A. My Friend Kate
  • B. Hard Work Pays Off
  • C. How to Be Organized
  • D. Learning to Be Roommates




36. D 细节理解题。根据第二段中的 Take your shoes away! Why under my bed! 可知是因为作者的鞋子跑到了 Kate 的床底下才让她发那么大的火,所以答案为 D 项。 37. C 推理判断题。根据第三段最后一句话 All of a sudden, a warm feeling of sympathy rose up in my heart. 可以推断出作者开始打扫房间是出于对 Kate 的同情和关爱,想让她知道自己对她的事情是关心的,所以答案为 C 项。其他三项与情景不符。 38. B 细节理解题。第一段描述了“我”和室友 Kate 在日常生活中的不同做法和习惯,列举了生活中的几个对比明显的例子,所以第一段是描写和展示了“我”们之间的区别,故答案为 B 项。 39. D 主旨大意题。本文前几段描述了“我”和室友之间的差异以及由此导致的矛盾冲突。文章最后一段描述了“我”们通过这些策略还是成了要好的室友,由此可知本文的主题应该是:学会做好室友。答案为 D 项。
本文为记述文,题材为社会生活类。“我”和“我”的室友 Kate 的生活习惯截然相反:“我”邋里邋遢,而她干干净净,终于我们之间爆发了战争。不过我们还是找到了解决问题的办法:让步、清理和坚持。
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Why do Americans struggle with watching their weight, while the French, who consume rich food, continue to stay thin? Now a research by Cornell University suggests how life style and decisions about eating may affect weight. Researchers conclude that the French tend to stop eating when they feel full. However, Americans tend to stop when their plate is empty or their favorite TV show is over.

According to Dr.  Joseph Mercola, a health expert, the French see eating as an important part of their life style.  They enjoy food and therefore spend a fairly long time at the table, while Americans see eating as something to be squeezed between the other daily activities. Mercola believes Americans lose the ability to sense when they are actually full. So they keep eating long after the French would have stopped. In addition, he points out that Americans drive to huge supermarkets to buy canned and frozen foods for the week. The French, instead, tend to shop daily, walking to small shops and farmers’ markets where they have a choice of fresh fruits, vegetables, and eggs as well as high-quality meats for each meal.

After a visit to the United States, Mireille Guiliano, author of French Women Don’t Get Fat, decided to write about the importance of knowing when to stop rather than suggesting how to avoid food. Today she continues to stay slim and rarely goes to the gym.

In spite of all these differences, evidence shows that recent life style changes may be affecting French eating habits. Today the rate of obesity—or extreme overweight—among adults is only 6%. However, as American fast food gains acceptance and the young reject older traditions, the obesity rate among French children has reached 17%—and is growing.

53、In what way are the French different from Americans according to Dr.  Joseph Mercola?
  • A.They go shopping at supermarkets more frequently.
  • B.They squeeze eating between the other daily activities.
  • C.They regard eating as a key part of their life style.
  • D.They usually eat too much canned and frozen food.
54、This text is mainly about the relationship between ________.
  • A.Americans and the French  
  • B. life style and obesity
  • C. children and adults 
  • D.fast food and overweight
55、This text is mainly developed ________.
  • A.by contrast 
  • B. by space
  • C. by process  
  • D. by classification
56、Where does this text probably come from?
  • A.A TV interview.  
  • B.A food advertisement.
  • C.A health report.
  • D.A book review.




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Women are friendly. But men are more competitive. Why? Researchers have found it's all down to the hormone oxytocin(荷尔蒙催生素). Although known as the love hormone, it affects the sexes differently.

“Women tend to be social in their behavior. They often share with others. But men tend to be competitive. They are trying to improve their social status,” said Professor Ryan.

Generally, people believe that the hormone oxytocin is let out in our body in various social situations and our body creates a large amount of it during positive social interactions (互动) such as falling in love or giving birth.

But in a previous experiment Professor Ryan found that the hormone is also let out in our body during negative social interactions such as envy.

Further researches showed that in men the hormone oxytocin improves the ability to recognize competitive relationships, but in women it raises the ability to recognize friendship.

Professor Ryan’s recent experiment used 62 men and women aged 20 to 37.

Half of the participants (参与者) received oxytocin. The other half received placebo (安慰剂).

After a week, the two groups switched with participants. They went through the same procedure with the other material.

Following each treatment, they were shown some video pictures with different social interactions. Then they were asked to analyze the relationships by answering some questions. The questions were about telling friendship from competition. And their answers should be based on gestures, body language and facial expressions.

The results indicated that, after treatment with oxytocin, men’s ability to correctly recognize competitive relationships improved, but in women it was the ability to correctly recognize friendship that got better.

Professor Ryan thus concluded: “Our experiment proves that the hormone oxytocin can raise people’s abilities to better distinguish different social interactions. And the behavior differences between men and women are caused by biological factors (因素) that are mainly hormonal.”

47、What causes men and women to behave differently according to the text?
  • A.Placebo. 
  • B.Oxytocin.
  • C.The gesture. 
  • D.The social status.
48、What can we learn from Professor Ryan’s previous experiment?
  • A.Oxytocin affects our behavior in a different way.
  • B.Our body lets out oxytocin when we are deep in love.
  • C.Our body produces oxytocin when we feel unhappy about others’ success.
  • D.Oxytocin improves our abilities to understand people’s behavior differences.
49、Why did Professor Ryan conduct the recent experiment?
  • A.To test the effect of oxytocin on the ability to recognize social interactions.
  • B.To know the differences between friendship and competition.
  • C.To know people’s different abilities to answer questions.
  • D.To test people’s understanding of body language.
50、The author develops the text by ________.
  • A. explaining people’s behaviors
  • B.describing his own experiences
  • C.distinguishing sexual differences
  • D.discussing research experiments




47. B 细节理解题。根据第一段最后一句话可知:虽然荷尔蒙催生素被认为是爱情荷尔蒙,但是它对男女有不用的影响。所以答案是 B 项。 48. C 细节理解题。根据第四段可知:在先前的实验里 Ryan 教授发现,在消极的社交互动中,比如妒忌,荷尔蒙也可以在我们身体里被释放。所以答案为 C 项(当我们对别人的成功感到不高兴时,我们的身体会释放出荷尔蒙催生素)。 49. A 细节理解题。根据第五段可知:进一步的研究表明,荷尔蒙催生素可以提高男性认识竞争关系的能力,但是它可以提升女性认识友谊的能力。通过这个研究结果可以推断出来 Ryan 教授做这个实验的目的是检测荷尔蒙催生素对人们在认识社交互动能力方面的影响,故选 A 项。 50. D 推理判断题。第一段中提到 Researchers have found...,第四段推导先前实验的发现,剩下文章详细介绍了最近实验的具体过程和结果,所以可以推断出作者是通过讨论研究实验来写这篇文章的,故选 D 项。
本文为说明文,题材为科普知识类。文章通过 Ryan 教授的实验得知:荷尔蒙催生素可以使人们更好地辨别不同社交互动的能力,男女行为的不同主要是由荷尔蒙生理因素引起的。
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